Internship Update

Finally got back to tracking my own EP this past week.  Got the chance to go over to Axion Studios and record some vocals on a track called Frost Covered Fools.  I absolutely love how saturated we made the vocals.  We really pushed the tube during the verses which really allows for the details to shine through.  My favorite part is the layering we did on the chorus.  We did four tracks of the lead, four tracks of the harmony and two tracks of a lower octave to give it this huge choir like hook.  

My Internship with Doc Robinson is going great and we are gearing up to record our first episode of "Doc Talks".  A web series where the guys from Doc Robinson will be interviewing some of the national acts that come through Woodlands Tavern.  This week we have Billy Strings coming in from Nashville, he's one of the next great bluegrass players to hit the scene and we are really excited to get to ask him some questions.  

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