Doc Robinson Internship

When I first began looking for an internship for this summer I wasn't sure where to start.  Last year I interned at a small studio in Gahanna.  It was a great experience and it really helped me polish up some of my production chops, but this summer I wanted something that catered to my career as an independent artist.  During the last week of classes I stopped by Doc Robinsons rehearsal space to drop off their check.  I decided to stick around and help them package up some of their kickstarter packages.  Afterwards I realized who better to try and intern with than my favorite local band Doc Robinson.  I reached out to them the next day and they had already talked about it as well.   I am very excited to get to know these guys better and soak in as much knowledge from them as I can.  I started this week by taking their records around to all the record stores in Columbus and making sure they were all stocked up.  It was nice to meet all of the owners and see how local bands self distribute their records.  I am really looking forward to the rest of my internship.  

Austin FinleyComment