Internship Update 2

Got to spend lot of time in the studio this week after some time off.  This week we did some minor renovating to the studio.  We took apart his isolation box for his guitar cab and rebuilt it into the closet to open up more space in the live room.  Then we built this really aesthetic shelf out of reclaimed wood and black metal piping.  After the new iso cab was set up we had to do a little bit of tweaking to get the sound just right.  its quite a bit smaller than the first one so we actually had to remove some of the foam dampeners and place a blanket in the back behind the speaker to help control the low end.  Now it sounds great.  I think when I build my tiny home/ studio Im going to build an Iso cabinet as well.  

This week we also did a lot of tracking for a project.  I got to record cajon for an acoustic which was a first for me so it was interesting to see what types of mics worked best for our situation.  This week Jeremy had me hop in the captains seat and run the session when we had a guitarist in to track acoustic.  It wasn't too anything complicated but I felt a little nervous since it was my first time leading a session with one of his clients.  I gained confidence throughout the first song and felt pretty strong after that.  Later Jeremy showed me how he uses Melodyne to edit his vocals.  Its a powerful plugin and I'm excited to work with it more. As a singer I think i'll be naturally pretty good at it.

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