Internship Update

Ive been Interning with Jeremy for about to weeks now and I couldn't be happier about the whole experience.   This week we had a band from Toronto stop by to record a few live video sessions in the studio.  The band is named First Ghost and they were in town for a show the night before on a stop during there US tour.  I came in early with Jeremy to set up for the session. We recorded two songs with them, one with the full band and one with just the lead singer and his acoustic.  We set them all up in out tracking room with some candles and a few strings of christmas lights.  We did a few takes of each song, until the band was satisfied with their performance.  The video was shot with a single handheld camera that tastefully moved throughout the room highlighting each of the performers.  This was my first time getting to work with Nate, who shares the space with Jeremey.  Nate is a video producer who works with a lot of music videos.  I hope to get to work with him more in the future because he is very talented and I would love to learn more about creating music videos. 

Austin FinleyComment