New Internship

I'm very excited to announce that I started a new internship.  This past week I began working under Jeremy Steckel at Revelator Sound in Gahanna.  I met Jeremy during my previous internship when we went to tour his studio.  I was impressed with the quality of work he was producing there so I reached out to him about a month ago to see if he would be interested in taking me on as an apprentice.  It just so happened he had been thinking of taking on an intern to help lighten his work load so the timing worked out great.

I officially last week and we jumped right into a new project recording an album for a local Christian artist.  We started by recording a live session at a worship night that the artist as hosting.  We have since rerecorded all the drums back in the studio.  My first task was to begin editing a few of the drum tracks in Pro Tools.  My first day in the studio he showed me his strategies for drum editing and then put me to work doing it myself.  He even gave a few tracks to work on over the weekend.   My next time in the studio he took time to go through my edits with me and showed me how to fix a few trouble spots.  

I am very pleased with my experience with Jeremy so far.  I get a sense that he really has a passion for what he does and wants to help me improve my own skills.  He is not only a talented engineer and producer but he is also a great instructor. I am very excited to continue working with him.

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