SXSW "Start a Business Panel" Review

I attended this panel in hopes to gain a little insight about some of the hoops and hurdles that take place when starting your own business.  My personal business needs aren't too complicated because my goal is to be an independent musician.  The panel had three speakers: Roberto Rounder De Mosier, Paul Glantz, and Ashland Viscosi.  They were all very well informed and knowledgable professionals.  All of them had extensive backgrounds in business development and or Law.  My only issue with panel was that they attempted to cover too much material in just one hour.  They spent most of their time covering material related to start-ups and Corporations, which wasn’t overly relevant to me.  They skim through plenty about LLC’s but most of it was information we had already covered in class.  It was to hear an attorney speak on what goes through his mind when clients come to him.  He was very honest and tried to go over common mistakes that entrepreneurs make that take time to fix. Things that make him more money as an attorney but that when done properly first would save money for the client.  Over all the session wasn't very relevant to me and I wasn't able to take very much away from it.

Austin Finley1 Comment